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Adventure of nature camp
Author Dipak Ghosh
Friday, Dec 30, 2016 8:55 pm
 Camp Group Name: “CHEETAH”

Afsara Khan: ‘I visited Dalgaon situated on the foothills of Himalaya, Darjeeling along with my friends and our teachers for the Nature camp, for the first time alone! There I saw so many trees and beautiful flowers. One day we went to the banks of the Jaldhaka River. I really enjoyed my stay in the tent! All my friends and aunties loved me so much and took me to such beautiful spots! I want to go again!’

Shreya: ‘I loved the day we spent on the bank of Jaldhaka River. We trekked there with our friends and our teachers. I enjoyed staying close to the river and the hills. I also painted and took part in the drawing competition.  I had a lot of fun!’


Chandan Das: ‘This is the first time I travelled with my friends and teachers alone. I started to admire the richness and serenity of Mother Nature during my stay in the nature study cum adventure camp in Dalgaon. I enjoyed going out with my friends and learned a lot of things. At times I did feel homesick but I said to myself that probably I will not get another opportunity to visit such a quiet and beautiful place! There were moments when I wished that time would stop still and I could live in such a beautiful place forever.’

Putty: ‘We came to Nature adventure camp by trainThe natural beauty around us was exquisite.  I like the trees  around us. We visited many places nearby along with our friends and teachers. I love to dance and I enjoyed dancingevery day during our evening gatherings. We ate biscuit and orangessitting by the river. I enjoyed my stay in the Nature Camp.’ 


Subhrakanta: ‘This is the first time ever I participated in a Nature Adventure camp with my friends and teachers after many unsuccessful past attempts! I made many new friends and learned a lot about nature.  I was told about landslide, and saw medicinal plants, like the cinchona tree, and others like the orange and coffee-bean trees. I enjoyed myself in this trip. I wish that in the near future if there is ever a camping opportunity near the Tiger Hills, then I will surely get a chance to visit the Tiger Hills of Darjeeling!’

Aakash: ‘I would like to show what I have painted one afternoon during my stay in the Nature Camp!’

Tausif: ‘This year we went to Dalgaon for the Nature Adventure camp. This is the first time ever that I visited a hill station!  The most memorable day during my stay was the day when we spent an entire day on the banks of Jaldhaka river. I also did something very interesting! I described our camp site to my aunty and she drew a picture from my description. Then I gifted that picture to our camp guide uncle. It was really cold, but I enjoyed my stay in the camp very much.’

Argha: ‘This was my first ever travel alone with my friends and teachers in a group. Initially I missed my parents a lot, but with time, the companionship of my friends, the serenity and beauty of nature, and close interaction with nature made me forget my home.  This is also for the first time that I lived in a tent. I saw the cinchona tree, coffee-bean trees and beautiful flowers.  My most favourite day was spending some wonderful hours by the river Jaldhaka, surrounded by the hills. There I saw rubber plantations which looked so interesting.’     

Shampa: 19th December 2016 is a special day for me. For the first time I climbed a hill and took photographs. I also learned that Mother Nature and the trees surrounding us are integral parts of our lives. I named the trees ‘Amar Sangi’, meaning ‘My Friends’ because of their importance in our lives. The journey also made me strong enough to undertake challenges. I used to pen down my thoughts in my camp diary everyday and my essay was published in the camp journal. It made me so happy! My first experience of touching the flowing cold water of the Jaldhaka River that ran through my feet is something very special and  I will remember this all my life! If someday there is a camping opportunity close to a sea beach,  then I will surely explore the sea shore of my dreams!’


Keshab: ‘I was very impressed visiting the nature study cum adventure camp in Dalgaon this time. I learnt that trees give us oxygen to live and have medicinal value. The message that I have brought home is “Save Trees,  Save Life.’  

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