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HURRAY- IICP- a winner in morning assembly contest
Author Dipak Ghosh
Monday, Aug 7, 2017 9:35 pm

Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy is proud to be one of the 11 winners of the All India Morning Assembly contest conducted by Earth Day Network, India. The theme was ‘environmental awareness and commitment of youth to the Green Cause’.

The special morning Assembly to commemorate Earth Day was so well executed by our students that IICP decided to share this with two other schools in the neighbourhood. A short skit on the use of solar energy, colourful placards and eloquent messages by the students to focus on a green environment received much appreciation in the respective schools. IICP has long been a promoter of green energy and has solar panels installed on the roof of the main building. Students are encouraged to participate in innovative programs that contribute to sustaining a clean and green environment.


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