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Annual Concert -2017
Author Dipak Ghosh
Monday, Aug 7, 2017 9:43 pm
 The stage of the Rabindra Sadan Auditorium was ablaze with lights, colours, music and dance on the 27th and 28th of July as IICP presented its Annual concert. The show was choreographed by renowned dancer Priti Patel in collaboration with Anjika and Anwesha-the Quest, dance schools for the differently- abled. Many rehearsals and much hard work by the students, teachers, parents, the Management and support staff contributed to ensure the success of the event.

‘Milan’ or synergy was the theme of the concert this year. It was a harmonious blend of talent and inclusion and a veritable feast of the senses for the packed audiences on both the days. 180 of the 200 children who participated were wheel chair users. Folk and semi classical dance forms from different states of India were performed to melodious and catchy songs many of which were sung by the students of the IICP school music band.  The final tableau saw all the performers on stage against the illuminated outline of India, with a student holding aloft the tri-colour with A.R. Rahman’s ‘Vande Mataram’ as a background score, was a grand spectacle and received a standing ovation.

Jennifer Heemstra and the Principal of Modern High School, Mrs. Damayanti Mukherjee, were Guests of Honour for the show held on the 27th. The former, a well known pianist was so moved by the exuberance of the performers and the grand magnitude that she wished,” it could be exhibited back home in the States’’!

Acclaimed educationist and former Principal of St. James, John Mason and wife Anjali were the Chief Guests on the 28th. In his short speech at the end of the programme, he congratulated the children on the wonderful production and quoted lines from a poem on ‘Kites’. A kite which is just a piece of paper on the ground becomes a glorious sight to behold when it soars in the sky. Similarly if children are presented with access and opportunities they are bound to shine.

The evening came to a close with a vote of thanks by IICP Executive Director Dr. Reena Sen.   

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