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Magic Show
Author Dipak Ghosh
Monday, Mar 26, 2018 12:48 am
 The morning hours of 23rd March were full of excitement for the students of CSE. A magic show was organized by BELANI Group of Companies. The magician called the students, one by one, to the stage and involved them in his magic feat. The show came to a close with an enjoyable act of ventriloquism. There was a musical performance where some of them danced to the tune of ‘bum bum bole’. Subhangi Mitra and Debjyoti Roy, from Middle and Senior Academics informed the performers of the IICP school music band. The entire show was a big hit! Dignitaries from the BELANI Group went to all the classes, interacted with the students and distributed food packets. We thank the BELANI Group for the wonderful experience. 


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