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The Bridge to Inclusion
Author Dipak Ghosh
Tuesday, Feb 18, 2014 9:03 pm

Indian Institute Of Cerebral Palsy was delighted to have an excellent team of professionals with expertise and years of global experience from the Bridge School in San Francisco, California, for a week, between January 31 and February 7, 2014. This was part of their Outreach programme that aims at disseminating and sharing information to promote universal inclusion of children with severe speech and physical disabilities in mainstream classrooms

Their team comprised of Dr. Vicki Casella, Executive Director of the Bridge School, Califonia, an inclusion specialist for children with disabilities, from Australia Dr. Loretta Giorcelli,  Dr. Caroline Musselwhite, a speech and language specialist, Christine Wright Ott, an occupational therapy and assistive technology consultant of the Bridge School, Jennifer Yeh, the Bridge School online instruction specialist and web administrator and Deanna Wagner, an Assistive technology specialist. The team worked with each of the departments including the students, parents, therapists, teachers and trainees in IICP for a week, making observations, discussing new strategies in the classroom and in the environment, exchanging ideas that are do-able to make the child with cerebral palsy and complex communication needs independent.

The seminar and workshops on ‘Inclusion- Philosophy, Practice & Promise’ that was held at IICP on February 6 & 7, 2014, was a great success. Mainstream school teachers, teachers from schools practicing inclusion in the city and therapists, participated in the intensive workshops and learning experience. Other than the speakers from the U.S and Australia, the Heritage School of Kolkata presented a successfully working model of inclusive education and stressed the sensitivity of a teacher in thinking of simple strategies that include every child in the classroom. We also had IIT Professor Anupam Basu fro IIT Kharagpur, who has been long associated with Assistive Technology in India.

Dr. Caroline Musselwhite

Dr. Loretta Giorcelli

            Dr. Vicki Casella                    

Christine Wright Ott

   Jennifer Yeh

             Prof. Anupam Basu          

Mrs. Meenakshi Atal, Principal, The Heritage School, Kolkata


          Mrs. Minakshi Datta, Special Educator

Master of Ceremony, Sayomdeb Mukherjee

Jeeja Ghosh, Head Ankur Advocacy

Dipak Ghosh, AAC Trainer and Research Asst., IICP

Shraddha Khator Research Asst., Roshni, IICP

Madhuri Kapur, Computer Trainer, IICP

Sayani Datta and Julie Biswas


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