Other Services

Administration, Public Relations & Communications

These services support all others by spreading the vision and mission of IICP, drawing in support – financial and in kind and enabling the smooth running of the organization.

Contact Person : Sumita Roy, Chief Communication Officer

Therapy Services

Run by trained and experienced physiotherapists and occupational therapists who have specialized in the treatment of neuro-motor disorders including CP, these services are offered to children and adults using IICP services; training placements and internships are conducted for students from national and international therapy training schools and staff from other organizations. A neurodevelopmental approach is used.

A multi-sensory room provides a range of sensory experiences for children with multiple disabilities.

Contact Person : Asis Kumar Ghosh, Deputy Director;Indranil Ghosh, Head

Social Services

Run by trained and experienced Social Workers, these services focus on family support, counseling and guidance for children and adults with cerebral palsy, income generation programmes for mothers and other key carers and facilitation for the formation of self help groups. Parent training is a key priority. This service works in close collaboration with Sahay, IICP Parents’ Group.

Contact Person : Mousumi Halder Chowdhury, Head

Disability Consultancy Services

IICP is a Nationally recognized specialist organization in the area of CP & neurological disorders. With an impressive list of achievements and awards like the National Award for the Center of Excellence, it is one of the few organizations in India with the capability to extend consultancy inputs to other fledgling organizations working in the field of disability particularly CP.

With the changing disability scenario more centres have mushroomed who need advice & training. NGO’s have been taking a lead role in augmenting the professional skills of people in the field. The government and the rehabilitation council of India recognizes IICP as a national level organization capable of providing such inputs.

IICP’s worldwide network enables its staff to be professionally qualified, experienced and up-to-date with the current developments in the international field.

IICP offers on site training programmes in different areas of management & intervention with a particular focus on Inclusion, Rights based approach/ early intervention/etc.

IICP offers on site consultancy services and training. For this purpose the host organization will bear the charges for travel (by air if required, depending on the distance), hospitality and all local travel + a consultancy fee per person that covers IICP's institutional charges. These charges are negotiable.

This may also comprise internships and training placements in IICP and on-site visits. For internships and placements for students/ trainees/professionals from other organizations – the charges are Rs. 1000 per month for Indian citizens; USD 50 or equivalent for foreigners

Contact Person : Sonali Nandi, Chief Operations Officer & Director – Technical services