Awareness and sensitization programmes campaigning for inclusivity in the society are run by the activists

Ankur Advocacy Group

Contact Persons: Saswati Acharya Mahanti & Sudipendu Dutta, Joint coordinators

'Ankur' Self Advocacy Group: Formed in 2003, this group of activists are working with many community groups for the implementation of the United Nations Convention for the Rights of Persons with Disability. This international convention -to which India is a signatory- focuses on equal participation, rights, access and opportunities and the critical role of persons with disability in decision making in matters pertaining to their lives.

Ankur works in close collaboration with other activists’ group not only in the field of disability but also related to wider human issues. It has close links with Government and Non-Government bodies and is an integral part of all IICP events and programmes for community awareness, training and sensitization. Their focus this year is ACCESS.

The Ankur Advocacy Group believes that this struggle for equal rights and opportunities in all aspects of life is not for persons with disability alone. This is a movement for civil rights and liberties and all members of civil society - disabled or otherwise - should join in. Only then will there be success and social change.

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Blood Donation Camp

Ankur Advocacy Group conducted a Blood Donation Camp

Awareness Programme at Slums

Ankur Advovacy Programme at slums

Advocacy Training

Advocacy Training with Inspectors of
Kolkata Police

Awareness Programme

Awareness programme at Govt. High School