Family Services

A multi-disciplinary service focuses on supporting parents by facilitating skills and knowledge about managing their ward.

Family Services

Contact Person: Rajni Ganeriwala, Head.

It runs medical clinics emphasizing advice and guidance for home management. The focus of the multi-disciplinary team ( doctor, therapist, special educator and social worker) is on enabling the Holistic Development of the Child across all developmental domains in collaboration with the Family through play, therapy and merging intervention goals in the family’s and child’s daily routine.

Diagnostic Clinic

Children and adults with a history of birth difficulties or other developmental issues are screened for possible indications of neuro-motor and developmental disabilities.

Neurology Clinic

A neurologist is available for consultation twice a month. Appointments are given in advance through the social worker.

Early Intervention Clinic

Trained therapists, special educators and social workers assess the physical, functional, cognitive & communication abilities of babies (0-2 years).

Disha School Readiness Programme

This service is the ‘Disha Centre’ of the National Trust that works for early intervention and school readiness for children with disabilities from birth till 10 years.

Sensory Integration Clinic

The clinic offers intervention for children and adults with developmental disabilities and is open to all beneficiaries

Home Management Services

Parents and family members are guided by the trans-disciplinary team of social workers, therapists and special educators for home management of children and adults, home visits are also made.