Human Resource Development

IICP is recognised as a nodal training institute and for conducting training for professionals, carers and parents.

HR Development

IICP is recognized as a nodal training institute. A multi disciplinary faculty conducts courses with Jadavpur University , Sister Nivedita University, Rehabiitation Council of India for students, professionals, caregivers, community workers and parents.We also offer online training courses and webinars. We offer consultancy and advisory inputs.

IICP has trained professionals and personnel for the disability sector since 1981, forging formal links with Jadavpur University and subsequently with Rehabilitation Council of India for accredited diploma and degree courses. At present, with certification from Jadavpur University, IICP conducts a two-year B.Ed Degree in Special Education (Multiple Disabilities), a Basic Management of Cerebral Palsy certificate course, four Computer Courses for vocational training of young adults with disability and adults from economically disadvantaged backgrounds and a certificate course for training caregivers for persons with disability.


Learning Everyday Activities with Parents-Cerebral Palsy (LEAP-CP) was a collaborative project with University of Queensland, Australia. Under this project more than 550 infants were screened to identify atypical movements that could lead to neuro-motor impairment.

Video modules have been developed for training of carers on mealtime management strategies for children with cerebral palsy.

Training & Certification

B. Ed Class Certified by Jadavpur University

B. Ed Class Certified by Jadavpur University

Course for Care Staff for persons with disabilities and senior citizens with Directorate Resettlement Zone East.

Training for Carers - Certified by Sister Nivedita University

Training for Carers - Certified by Sister Nivedita University

Courses We Offer:

B.Ed in Special Education in collaboration with Jadavpur University and Rehabilitation Council of India(RCI)

Basic Management in Cerebral Palsy Course for medical practitioners and therapists

Trainer Training programmes

Computer Application courses for adults with disability

In-service training for professionals

Internships and clinical placements

Parent Training programmes

Caregivers' Training courses in collaboration with RCI

Training in Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

Research & Development (R & D) related to disability, rehabilitation and allied health care

Training in Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) for persons with disability

Printed and audio-visual training material


At present, IICP’s formal training programmes include:

A two-year B.Ed. Degree in Special Education for teachers specializing in education for students with cerebral palsy and other neuromotor disorders and A one-month certificate course on basic management of cerebral palsy for doctors and rehabilitation therapists. The latter courses are offered in collaboration with JU and RCI. Ten-month certificate level training courses for caregivers was offered in collaboration with RCI and the National Trust.

Informal courses target community workers, parents, general teachers and professionals. In-service training opportunities for staff runs through the year, and training placements and internships in IICP’s service departments have become very popular both in India and abroad. These are extensively used by trainee/trained therapists, social workers, special educators, vocational trainers, and students from professional courses like architecture, law, nursing and fashion designing.

As a National Trust State Nodal Agency Centre, IICP works in rural and urban settings promoting better residential and respite facilities for persons with disabilities and greater inclusion in schools and all aspects of family and community life.

Staff development initiatives have resulted in opportunities for higher level training – many in the United Kingdom, some in the USA, Australia, South America and Africa. IICP has worked hard to develop linkages with Universities all over the world and with the support of the British Council, Rotary International, Govt. of India and other sponsoring agencies has provided its people the opportunity of continuous learning.

Research activities have emphasized action research that leads to benefits for target groups and stakeholders. Thus research studies in literacy, communication, and information technology have led to the development of methodologies for teaching, training material suitable for persons with cerebral palsy and their facilitators, assessment material, service delivery models in urban slums and technology for persons with disability. More recently, the scope of research has widened to include elderly populations and those who have speech impairments after trauma or illness.