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Thursday, Oct 18, 2012 11:59 pm
Debanjan Majumdar, well-versed in working with documents and front office management, is a young student of our Vocational Training unit. He has done himself, his family and all of us proud as he joins his new job venture at Quantum Business Management, a DSA of Vodafone, from the 1st of November. We wish him all success!

Reba Bera, proficient in computer skills, tailoring and drama, has also earned for herself a job profile in Quantum Business Management. Reba aims high! She is pursuing her Higher Secondary Education from the Rabindra Open Schooling Board and is fluent in Bengali, Hindi and English.

Reba shares her accomplishment with another of our young trainees, Shriradha Dasgupta, who will also join the same organisation, along with Reba, from the 1st of November. Shriradha completed DTP and Database Management and a Web-designing course from IICP (both courses are certified by Jadavpur University).

Nazimuddin Khan will be soon joining work in the Hatari chain of restaurants in Kolkata. Having completed his Higher Secondary education, Nizamuddin completed a Diploma in Financial Accounting and Information Technology Course   from the Department of Sports & Youth Services, Government of West Bengal. He later received training in Front Office and Back Office Management at IICP


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