Generic Services

IICP is a NGO, focused to bring positive changes in people with cerebral palsy.

Generic Services

Contact Person: Paromita Chakraborty

Therapy Services

Run by trained and experienced physiotherapists and occupational therapists who have specialized in the treatment of neuro-motor disorders including CP, these services are offered to children and adults using IICP services; training placements and internships are conducted for students from national and international therapy training schools and staff from other organizations. A neurodevelopmental approach is used.

A multi-sensory room provides a range of sensory experiences for children with multiple disabilities.

Social Services

This services focus on family support, counseling and guidance for children and adults with cerebral palsy, income generation programmes for mothers and other key carers and facilitation for the formation of self help groups. Parent training is a key priority.

Social work professionals support children and adults with disabilities across all services and age groups. They conduct individual and group counselling sessions, enable parents to form support groups, support income generation schemes, inform families and adults with disabilities about their entitlements and legal rights, network with GOs and NGOs, organize and conduct parent training programme.